Celebrate E-mail Debt Forgiveness Day! 


Here at Reply All, we’re celebrating our third annual E-mail Debt Forgiveness Day, a holiday we invented to erase all the guilt that comes from being bad at email. April 30th is that wonderful day when you can finally respond to the people you care about without absolutely no excuses or apologies for how long it’s been.

So, with April 30th right around the corner, how can you participate? Easy:

  1. Start thinking now-- what’s the one e-mail you’ve been avoiding?

  2. On April 30th, write your response as though the e-mail just arrived that morning.

  3. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. Just include a link to this explainer, the one you’re reading right now, so that your recipient knows what’s going on.

  4. Click send.

  5. Take a deep breath, and feel the weight lift off your shoulders. Go about your day a little lighter.

Need some help?

If you have an email that's been hanging over your head, maybe one that you're really not sure you'll even be able to send, email us at replyall@gimletmedia.com, and we may end up getting in touch to talk with you about it on the show.